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Chota Bheem: Original TV Animated Series



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POGO’S Chhota Bheem shines as the king of Indian Television
Chhota Bheem, POGO’s littlest hero packed a huge punch during the world premiere of the “Chhota Bheem Aur Krishna” movie with an ace rating of 1.6 TVR. Aired on the occasion of Krishna Janamashtami, the unparalleled performance made POGO, Indian kids’ favourite channel,
Chhota Bheem (Mighty Little Bheem): A 2D animation series that has been developed keeping in mind the keen sentiments and expectations of a predominantly Indian audience. Chhota Bheem – The adventures of Bheem and his gang of friends – is set in the mythical land of Dholakpur, a kingdom in ancient India.
Green Gold have earlier delivered big hits such as Vikram Betaal and the four part Krishna series.
Bheem, the chief protagonist of the series, is a nine-year-old boy brave, strong, intelligent and, kind. Bheem’s character (and name) and mannerisms and other noticeable idiosyncrasies, while drawing heavily from that of the legendary character Bheema – one of the heroes of the ancient Indian epic, The Mahabharatha – however, maintain their own distinctive style and child-like naiveté.
Kalia Pahelwan, Bheem’s hopeless rival – a jealous eleven-year-old bully. Ever envious of Bheem’s popularity, Kaalia, along with his sidekicks, Dholu and Bholu, is always involved in weaving plots that are designed to embarrass and defeat Bheem; but all his arduous efforts always come a cropper.
The stories mostly revolve around Bheem and his friends and, their rivalry with Kaalia and his friends. In moments of rare bonding however, Kaalia and Bheem dispense with their rivalry for the cause of the greater welfare of their countrymen.
The adventures of Bheem and his gang of friends – is set in the mythical land of Dholakpur, a kingdom in ancient India.
Welcome to Dholkpur the home town of Bheem & friends

Bheem is an adventurous Brave and fun loving ,Generous nine year old boy, who is gifted with extraodinary strength.This power is a boon for Dholkpur, Bheem’s village which his constanlty beset by all kinds of perils..This little kid has a BIG heart and he always uses his strength to help those who are wronged or needy
Bheems loves food and hasa special weakness for ladoos .He become stronger than his usual self when he eats his favorites ladoos .Even though only a little kid Bheem is stronger & brave than anyone and isalwaysthere to help the poor and needy

Raju is a cute and courageous four year old littel boy who totally hero worships Bheem and considers him as his ideal hero .He follows Bheem every where.Raju’s size beties his courage, which he gets from his father a soldier in kings ArmyRaju dreams of becoming a commander of the king’s Army someday.
When his rivals ; the bumling Dholu and Bholu pick on him, Raju cannot hold his groundAnd tats not all _ his loyalty to bheem makes him take on big burly Kalia phalvan.
Raju loves war games especially one where Bheem is the “Raja” and he is the” Senapati”Raju is extremly brave and tough for his age ( like Arjuna of Mahabharata).

Chutki is a sevenn year old girl, who Is simple Grace ful Genrous and intelligent.She is Bheem’s closet
friend and she matches Bheems Power with her intellect.This make her Bheem’s ever present assistant on their fabulous adventures
Chutki is no odinary girl for while she is responsible about her household chores and gentle towards alll creatures of the forest.
She has very soft corner for Bheem and tgerefore is always luring him to her with delicacies.She even help him steal ladoos from her mother sweet shop.Since they always terrorize her ,Chutki’s gigantic tyranical mother Tuntun cannot stand Bheem and Jaggu because these twoalways steal laddos from her sweet shop.
Tun tun the mother of chutki is the sweet shop owner .
Evrybody love this little girl for her generous ,sweet and happpy nature.

Jaggi is Bheem’s pet monkey and friend.Jaggus speciality is that he isa talking monkey and he is a great help to Bheem whenever they are in the Jungle .He is a;ways suppoting Bheem in his all adventures and deeds .Jaggu is clever and tricky little monkey who has a good sense of humour. He has his own ways for solving problems. Jaggu and Bheem have fun together whether it exploring forest or helping people with their chores.All the children adores Jaggu because he always entertain and make them laugh.

Kalia phalwan is a ten year old boy.He is blkyand strong.he is jealous of Bheem popularity and strength and always tries to make bheem look bad and to land him in trouble. He picks on children weaker and younger then him to prove he is stong.thay why all chilren fear Kalia Phalwan.
But Kalia has a other side too he forgets his rivalary with Bheem when any calamity or diaster strucks on Dholkpur and Kalia is always ready to helpBheem and his friends to get rid of it.

Princess Indumati or indu as her friend fondly call her is the daugter of the king and the princess of Dholkpur.Shhe isa kind hearted seven year old girl who adores Bheem _ who on numerou occasions, had rescued her from danger.Chutki and Indu are rivals who compete for Bheems affection and attention- but their rivalary the few rare times founds an restricted strictly to war of words.
Dholu & Bholu:

Dholu and Bholu are cowardly followers of Kalia phalwan.They are identical twins brothers who dress alike.They are slightly arrogant because of the effect of kalia on themthey pick on yong children like raju butfear bheem very much.even thoughthey are lazy and like to avoid chores,Kalia orders them to do his share of work too.Dholu and Bholu are extemly dumb and keep getting in to awfully silly situations.

Synopsis (Episodes 1 to 26)
Chhota Bheem: Where is Bheem?

Who’s that stealing laddoos from Chutki’s mother’s shop? Chutki thinks it’s her friend Bheem but she can’t seem to find him anywhere! She goes all around Dholakpur, taking the help of her friend Raju and also Kalia Pahelwan.But no one seems to have seen Bheem anywhere. So where is Bheem?
Chhota Bheem: Babban Sher

A man eating lion, Babban Sher is creating havoc and spreading terror in Dholakpur. The villagers don’t know what to do as no one seems to be able to stop him! Raju, on being provoked by Dholu and Bholu, ventures alone into the jungle to capture the lion. But when he comes face to face with the lion, he realizes that he can’t capture him alone!
Chhota Bheem:: Sankhi Shikari

Sankhi Shikari, the wicked hunter comes to Dholakpur. On his first day itself he gets lucky when he manages to trap an unsuspecting deer. But being a greedy hunter, he next sets a trap to catch an elephant!Bheem with his gang of friends – Chutki, Raju and Jaggu come to know about this and set out to teach the hunter a lesson he will never forget!
Chhota Bheem:: Jadugar Raju

Jadugar Khambata enthralls Dholakpur with his magical tricks. Once he finishes, he accidently forgets his magic wand and it falls in the hands of Raju. Raju immediately picks it up and starts some magical tricks of his own! Things are going fine with Jadugar Raju until one spell backfires.Raju doesn’t know to undo his spell and the only person who can help him is the magician! But does the magician come back in time to help Raju?
Chhota Bheem::Raging Bull

Kalia’s bull is a menace to the crops of Dholakpur. The villagers have tried their best to stop the bull from harming the crops but to no avail.Now it is upto Bheem to tame the angry bull. Bheem hatches a plan with Chutki, Raju and Jaggu to teach Kalia and his bull a lesson!
Chhota Bheem:: Boat Race

Bheem’s Team (Bheem, Chutki, Jaggu, & Raju) and Kalia’s Team (Kalia, Dholu & Bholu) challenge each other for a boat race. They decide to make the race interesting, and hence decide that each team would also have to build their own boat. Only Bheem & Kalia would have to row the boat to an island nearby, climb the coconut tree and drink a coconut. The person who accomplishes this first wins!But the race gets a little complicated when they realize that they are not the only people on the island!
Chhota Bheem:: The Flying Horse

One early morning the jungles of Dholakpur have an unusual visitor – a flying horse! This unique flying horse falls in the hands of Kalia who starts a circus with the poor horse. Bheem and his friends cannot bear to see the horse being tortured.A fist fight between Bheem and Kalia has to decide the fate of the horse. If Bheem wins, the horse is set free, if he loses the horse is Kalia’s captive.Who do you think wins?
Chhota Bheem:: Chutki’s wish

Chutki saves a little helpless butterfly and sets it free, but is surprised when the butterfly tells her that it has magical properties and will grant her one wish.Bheem, Jaggu, Raju and the others try to get the butterfly to grant their wish instead, but the butterfly insists that only Chutki will get her wish.Meanwhile, Kalia and his gang hear this and capture the butterfly to try and get a wish for themselves. Can Chutki save the little creature again?
Chhota Bheem:: Operation Desrt Storm

The king’s victorious army marches into the gates of the city to a warm welcome from the people of Dholakpur. But Raju’s father is missing. Raju finds out that his father went missing in the desert!Realising that Raju is feeling very sad, Bheem, Chutki, Jaggu, Kalia, Dholu and Bholu decide to help Raju go look for his father in the desert.
Chota bheem & the Flying Carpet

Once when Kalia & dholu bholu were wandering in the forest dholu bholu finds a secret passage to a cave .There they see large box cantaining an old carpet with secret coded document.Dholu bholu were not able to read what is written in that document, they took the carpet and the document with them and flee away from that creepy place.It was only when intelligent Kalia decoded the secret message, they came to know that the old carpet which they were assuming to be an odinary one is a Magic Carpet.
Chhota Bheem:: Pirates of the sea

The king and his daughter Indu are returning from a trip to the neighbouring kingdom, but get attacked by pirates who take over the ship! They capture Indu and demand that the king pays a ransom of 1000 gold coins to get her back. The king sails back and asks for Bheem’s help to get back Indu.Bheem promises to save the princess and sets out to teach the nasty pirates a lesson
Chhota Bheem:: Laddoo chor kalia

Bheem once again steals laddoos from Chutki’s mother’s shop and gets away with it. Tun Tun realizes that she needs to stop Bheem and asks Kalia, Dholu and Bholu to guard the shop and keep Bheem away.Bheem tries to get past the guards but fails and finally doesn’t get any laddoos for 2 whole days. Realising that he needs to get rid of Kalia and his friends, Bheem, Chutki, Raju and Jaggu hatch a plan to steal the laddoos!
Chhota Bheem:: Sea Princess

A poor little mermaid who happens to be the Sea Princess, is once washed ashore by a deadly storm. Kalia along with his side kicks, Dholu and a Bholu, immediately plots to make money by exhibiting her . The brave and kind boy Bheem rescues the poor little mermaid and helps her get back home.
Chhota Bheem:: The Wood Cutter
Much harried by the incessant nocturnal plundering of their crops – by all kinds of wild marauding, rampaging animals – the farmers of Dholakpur, beseech everyone to save their livelihoods from being destroyed. Kaalia, enlists the help of Dholu and Bholu to save the crops but meets with little success. Bheem and his team, while investigating the forestland, are appalled to find the vivid and needless destruction perpetrated by the irresponsible axe of some demented woodcutter. The Woodcutter sets down a challenge that he will forever give up woodcutting – but only if Bheem fights and defeats him first. A fight ensues in which Bheem prevails over the woodcutter. All the people of Dholakpur, then carry out together a massive afforestation program. After some time the wild animals return no more.
Chhota Bheem:: Treassure Hunt
, and
One day playing in the forest Bheem and his gang founds and help an old man who is severely beaten by Kalia,Dholu Bholu.They learn from him the secret of a missing treasurre hidden some where in the forest of the Blue Mountains “Neela Pahaad”
set to find it.
Chhota Bheem:: Hercules

The king of Dholakpur is challenged by a Greek warrior – Hercules. Either the king has his men defeat Hercules or Hercules takes over the king’s throne! The Greek warrior is all set to win by hook or crook, but before that he has to deal with one final person – the mighty little Bheem!
Chhota Bheem:: Crocodile Crazzy

Dholakpur is in the grip of terror unleashed by a bloodthirsty crocodile of prodigious strength and intelligence . However, the bravest of the brave among the king’s soldiers, despite their best efforts, miserably fail against the crocodile. Kaalia and his party too, try their hand at capturing/killing the crocodile, but hopelessly fail. Finally Bheem hatches a scheme that forces the crocodile to get out of water and then, manages to inflict capture.
Chhota Bheem: Circus in Dholakpur

Maddened no end by the dwindling number of spectators, Baalu, the notorious owner and also the strongman of the celebrated circus decides that it is time to take in more animals into his menagerie. He kidnaps Jaggu the talking monkey of Dholakpur with the help of evil Kalia. Bheem and his team defeat the notorious Ballu and rescue their friend Jaggu.
Chhota Bheem:: Mumbai Se Aaya Mera Mama

Upon regular defeat and humiliation by Bheem, Kalia calls upon his uncle from the city to defeat Bheem. But Bheem is just too clever for anyone. Watch Bheem as he displays his witty acts and defeats Kalia and his so called clever uncle.
Chhota Bheem:: The Curse of Bhrambhatt

One day an Old woman comes to the king and begs hoim to rescue her only grandchild who supposedely has been the last seen entering the mine. The king sends an army that falls prey to the mine. The king sends an army that falls prey to Bramhbhatt’ curse. Boastfull Kalia too woith his minions Dholu and Bholu meet the same fate as that of the army. Only Bheem manages to stay above the greed cast by the gold. He defeats the demon and breaks the spell and returns home with the rescued prisoners.
Chhota Bheem:: Einstein

On applying the wrong formula to his time machine, Einstein , a scientist of the future, accidentally lands in the village of Dholakpur. The kindhearted Chutki takes pity on the scientist and gives him some food to eat. When she meets Bheem and the rest of her friends, she learns that Kalia has buils a huge mansion overnight. the scientist is convinced that somehow Kaalia has found the time machine and is clandestinely using it. The scientist guesses that Kaalia is manipulating the time and asks Bheem to get hold of the clock first. Finally, Bheem gets hold of the clock and then manages to defeat Kaalia.The children give the clock to the scientist who turns it back to its previous time and enters his own age.
Chhota Bheem:: Daku Mangal Singh

Daku Mangal Singh the notorious dacoit of Dholakpur creates havoc in the village. He has a reward of 100 gold coins on his head. Meanwhile the King Raja Indra Varma II promised to give away 100 gold coins to the one who would get the medicinal plant “Sangeevani Booti” to save the life of his beloved daughter Princess Indumati. Bheem sets off with his gang in search of the medicinal plant and also on his way also fights the dacoit and defeats him.
Chhota Bheem:: Magic Broom

In a fierce battle, the thaumaturgy of the good witch prevails and using her superior powers she vanquishes the bad witch. The bad witch crashes to the ground and forgoes her most prized possession – the broom she was riding upon which, hurtles down to fall near an ecstatic Kaalia’s feet. Now the unquestioned master of the pliant broom, Kaalia, annoys and terrorizes the people of Dholakpur – especially Bheem and his team. On finding the broom back the bad witch casts a spell upon Kalia and transforms him to a rat. With the help of the Goodwitch, Bheem and his team reach the bad witch’s realm and by a combination of stealth and bravery manage to free Kaalia and in the process also vanquish the bad witch and annul all her powers of sorcery.
Chhota Bheem:: Thief of Dholakpur

Dholakpur is suddemly faced by a series of thefts. The king promises a reward of 100 gold coins to the one who catches the thief. Now it is unto Bheem and his gang to catch this theif and save his village from continuous thefts. It is the notorious dacoit Daku Mangal Singh again on the prowl. And this he has kidnapped the beautiful Princess of Dholakpur, Princess Indumati. Now it is up to Bheem to rescue the princess from the clutches of Daku Mangal Singh.
The Tribe!

Angry at the King of Dholakpur for stopping the flow of water into the jungle, a group of tribals near Dholakpur take innocent Raju captive, when he wanders too far into the Jungle in pursuit of his kite.
Bheem ventures alone into the Jungle to rescue Raju, where he also ends up saving the tribal kings daughter from a terrible accident…

When a plea for help reaches Dholakpur through Ollie, a giant bird, it is now up to Bheem and Jaggu to fly over the oceans to the small town of Slow Creek. On his arrival, Bheem get’s appointed as the Sherriff by the Mayor. Bheem’s only duty now is to protect the village from the notorious bandit Grubber.
But how will he fare againts the dangerous dacoits who have troubled Slow Creek for a long time now? Things get tense when Bheem refuses to use guns to fight. What will happen in the final showdown?
Chhota Bheem – VOL 6
A ferocious tiger who is actually a man who is cursed, enters Dholakpur and starts creating havoc there. Watch Bheem fight the tiger bravely and save Dholakpur. Also watch Bheem teach the “talking Tree” a lesson by flashing his true image in front of everyone. Don’t miss the fun!
Chota bheem & the Giant

Chota bheem & the Evil hypnotist

Chota bheem & samurai

Chota bheem & the rocky Rihno

Chota bheem & the invisible man

Chota bheem & the Lost Alien

An Alien Space ship loses control over Earths Gravity and un expectedly lands in the out skirts of Dholkpur. After trying his best to restart his Ship Zark the little alien from Zarhan Planet now lost in Dholkpur wanders in village for help.
The villagers on seeing the strange creature conclude him to be Ghost and complains to the King .The King then summons Bheem and his friends who reveal that the ghost is actually a harmless alittle poor lost alien child and Chhot Bheem helps Zark to return home safely..
Happy Reading
Chota bheem and dragon

Chhota Bheem & The Sword Of the King

Chhota Bheem Shivani Ka Dhabha

On reciveing a letter from his sister Shivani, who runs a dhaba (a small restaurant) in phelwanpur, Chhot Bheem rushes to meet her. Once there he finds Shivani is in need of help to release her father from the prison and also save her dhabha from the local goons Dabbu phelwan who is leader of Ruffians the main cause of all troubles warns Shivani to close the dhabha which was the only way of her family lively hood.
Chhot Bheem fights and defeats Dabbu phelwan and his whole gang of local goons and ruffians.
Along with his friends Chutki ,Raju ,Jaggu, Chhota bheem opens a circus carnival for collecting money to save Shivanis father from prison
Happy Reading
Chhota Bheem and the Mummy Of Egyptian Pharoh

An american archeologist discovers a very ancient Mummy of the Pharouh Snekhufu. To show the world his greatest dicovery he carries the Mummy of the dead Pharouh along with him on the ship.The Ship which unexpecteldy came across a terrible storm and has to anchor itself at Dholkpur Port.
What follows next is an immediate attack of strange & huge wild animals which brings chaos and panic to whole Dholkpur Kingdom.
Chhot bheem saves his friends and the people of Dholkpur from the Strange beings and finds the solution for all these problems.
Happy Reading
Chhota Bheem and Krishna
About five hundred years ago, the five kingdoms around Dholakpur joined together to end Kirmada’s rule. Now a mysterious force has brought him back from the dead. With a goblin army at his back, he soon puts the kingdoms around Dholakpur under his power. He attacks Dholakpur with his goblin army. The Dholakpur Army led by Bheem fight bravely but they are no match to the never ending army of the magically powerful Goblins. Soon, Kirmada captures Dholakpur’s King. The war is over. Dholakpur is captured. All except Bheem have escaped his Iron grip. Kirmada realizing the threat from Bheem asks his men to capture him and his friends but they manage to escape narrowly.
Now it is up to Bheem to save the five Kingdoms. But how does he kill a man who is already dead? And how can he control a powerful beast that an army of goblins protect. Don’t miss Bheem beat Kirmada and save the kingdom of Dholakpur once again!!

Chota bheem and the talking parrot

Catch all Episodes

Chhota Bheem Video clips in Hindi & English
Chhota Bheem & The Tree People



Chhota Bheem & the Himalayan Yeti



Chhota Bheem & Friends Village Game



Chhota Bheem & Birth Day of Princess Indumati



Chhota Bheem & Escaped Prisoners



Chhota Bheem & friends
Green Gold Studios has developed three online games based on the Chhota Bheem TV series for the Chhota Bheem website. The games have been developed in Animation house by Nagaraju and Vinayak.R.Nair. Other Pogo Chhota Bheem Games by Animation Professionals.
The games are based on either the episodes of Chhota Bheem or the basic likes of Bheem like his love for Ladoos and his being very good at fighting Goons and Aliens The gist of the stories has been incorporated into the games as much as possible, making it interesting for children to play online. The group targeted was children from 6 to 11 Speaking to GamingXpress Rajiv Chilaka, CEO, GreenGold shared, “Basically Flash was used to develop these games as easy web deployment was our goal. We went through creating the key elements for the game such as backgrounds, character animations, props etc. All of this was then collated by the coder who brought life into the game using these elements. Coding was one of the new areas that we have ventured into and is still in infancy as compared to our other teams such as animation, layout, etc. But we are taking it one step at a time.”GreenGold noticed that a lot of internet users had been searching for Chhota Bheem Games, and came up with the idea of creating such games to increase traffic to Once the games were launched online, the number of hits has been going up every day. The site is presently ranked around 7500 in India, which is very good considering it was ranked around 20,000 in India before the launch of these online games
POGO Games Now On Your Mobile Phone!
It’s simple and easy – just SMS the code to the given number and your chosen game, wallpaper or animation will be delivered straight to your mobile phone!
Chhota Bheem Boat Race Game is available on Mobile through SMS :CB To: 55454
Click the Blue Links under each photo & enjoy the Adventures ChotaBheem & friends.

Bull Racing 1

Bull Racing 2

Ladoo Catching

Cow Boy Bheem

Ladoo Catching 2

Combat Bheem

Treasure Hunt

New Game Jungle Ambush *Happy Holi*">

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Hi Bapa,

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Mohsin, Vijaywada

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